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What a day! Donald Trump will become 45th president of United States. Many people across globe including immigrants in US were worried because of his harsh and controversial statements during campaign. As soon as news came, it hit the stock markets in Europe and other countries. However, markets eased later today at his first statement.


Photo by Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Trump victory is the equivalent of Brexit. Future is becoming more and more exciting with excess oil, innovation in renewable energy resources, Brexit & now Donald’s victory. Billionaire will be the first president ever without any political, diplomatic or military executive experience. He spent a lot less than Hillary on his campaign due to his strong personal brand, Trump, which he started to establish in his early business career. His building & commercial projects carry his name. He is a great salesman who convinced everyone that New York is best place to live when no one was willing to live there. He knows how to attract media and people’s attention.  He knows tax codes very well and has used bankruptcies laws successfully six times in his favors.

Based on his business & negotiation skills, he built his business empire and I think it is good for USA to have him as president for their economy and business in general. Since we saw last two presidents Bush and Obama, the world became a lot more insecure due to wars.  Let’s see what Donald’s presidency give to US and world.

Some of key lessons which can be taken from his victory are:

  • No matter what, never lose hope. Although last week surveys showed he was losing but he kept on fighting.
  • “No dream is too big, no challenge is too great”. Always dream big and make plans to achieve those dream. Don’t let anyone’s comments to hinder your overall vision.
  • Always focus on your brand.
  • Confidence is key. Trump 100% believed he will win and he won. You should have same confidence if you want to succeed in life.
  • Learn negotiation skills.

As an entrepreneur, you can learn a lot from his business books especially these two The Art of the Deal & Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich-And Why Most Don’t

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