I used to be afraid of heights and here I am standing at Kjeragbolten in severe weather of rainy, cloudy, windy with low visibility and slippery which makes it more dangerous to jump on this boulder. People are usually afraid of stepping onto this boulder in nice weather which is 984 m high from fjord and I did in severe weather. I believe death is certain if you slip. So how I overcame my fear of heights and death?
One of the biggest enemy of success is FEAR. Fear has killed more dreams & ambitions than anything else in world.
So three biggest enemies to success are indecision, doubt and fear!
Indecision is seed of fear. Indecision crystallizes into doubt and the two blend together to become fear.
Fear is just a state of mind and state of mind can be controlled and given direction. For example, people are afraid of illness and diseases while doctors do not fear diseases. They physically deal with hundreds of patients’ daily suffering from dangerous diseases. Their state of mind can be described as lack of fear.
Napolean Hill says, every human being has the ability to completely control his own mind and what mind can conceive, has the ability to achieve it. Nature has given man with absolute control on one thing and that is thought.
Set your mind on target, desire it, visualize it, take ACTION and you will accomplish it even if it looks scary.
During my first year in Norway, I had no ambition for hiking, doubted myself, worried, over-cautioned and procrastinated until one day I said to myself, enough is enough, let’s do it.
Now a days, I use 5 seconds principle to make decision. Whenever I am giving opportunity for adventure, I make decision in 5 seconds and if I take more time, analysis-paralysis will kick in and it will make it harder to do it.
I even didn’t think for 5 seconds when my friend Amdad Ali presented idea for this hike. It was supposed to be nice weather with only 9.8 km hike but weather changed very fast when we started. We didn’t quit and accomplished this in 3.5 hours.
What are you doing to overcome your fears?
I would love to hear from you 😉

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