Today morning when I woke up, I remembered the dream which I saw last night. This dream put me in sensational mood and I feel like I am part of that world which I saw during my dream and I belong to that country.

You will not understand what I am taking about so let me take you into my dream. The dream goes back to June last year when I saw the advertisement of SEG Geoscience field camp 2017 and I immediately fell in love the idea of visiting Ukraine. This was like a dream in dream. I remember something that I went to Kiev and later we travelled to see this amazing castle which looks like fairy tale castle during night. This was amazing tour but sadly dream ended quickly. All of my life, I always wondered why such beautiful dreams ended so quickly? If you do not believe then I have this ability to draw dream picture. Here is how it look liked:

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Due to my curious nature, I want to go to Kiev to be part of this dream again. The dream to sharpen my geophysical skills, the dream to meet the most beautiful & amazing organizing team, the dream to make life long memories, the dream to see the amazing country again & enjoy their hospitality.

Do you think you can help me with my dream? If you feel that you can help someone like me to achieve my dream, please approve my application for this trip. In exchange I will bring you very delicious amazing world famous Nowergian chocolates 🙂