Khalid is passionate about helping people, businesses and organizations seize their full potential through creativity and innovation. He brings the perfect balance of an energizing performance blended with real-world experience and credibility. He not only inspires, but moves audiences to action by offering practical and effective approaches to driving better business outcomes.


How To Build a Valuable Company Which No One Else Is Building?

Every week, I listen to more than 30 pitches which claim to become next breakthrough companies. I am in Startup ecosystem since 2012, and I watched very few startups to generate revenuesRead More...
By : kabbas123 | Nov 20, 2018

6 Key Lessons I Learned After Reading About 100 Self-Help Books

We all agree that knowledge is power and all successful people are lifelong learners. They never stop learning. But world is filled with books, knowledge, advice and never-ending recommendations. How could youRead More...
By : kabbas123 | Nov 20, 2018

What Separates Highly Successful People From Ordinary People?

➡️What separates highly successful people from ordinary people❓ Last few years, I have been studying highly successful people in different walks of life. I found some basic characteristics which all these highlyRead More...
By : kabbas123 | Nov 19, 2018

How To Overcome Unexpected Challenges?

➡️How to overcome unexpected challenges❓ When we started hike, weather was pretty nice & sunny. However, after one hour, rain started along with heavy wind which made whole deep slope track slippery.Read More...
By : kabbas123 | Nov 19, 2018

How I Overcame My Fears?

I used to be afraid of heights and here I am standing at Kjeragbolten in severe weather of rainy, cloudy, windy with low visibility and slippery which makes it more dangerous toRead More...
By : kabbas123 | Nov 19, 2018

Adventures in Data Breaches & Cyber Security in Oil & Gas Sector

Why Organizations Get Hacked and What’s Coming Next? Earlier in 2018, U.S. power and natural gas suppliers were under attack and at least 7 energy companies and their third-party electronic communications systemsRead More...
By : kabbas123 | Nov 3, 2018

Disruptive Technologies And How It Will Reshape Oil & Gas Industry?

The falling costs of renewable and batteries, cost-effective clean electricity, shale gas along with excessive supply of oil has made oil prices to fall and energy companies in loss for quite someRead More...
By : kabbas123 | Sep 17, 2018

Is Bitcoin One Of The Biggest Bubble Ever Seen?

When it comes to Bitcoin, everybody is genius because everybody is making money. It is one of the biggest bubble ever seen after Tulip bubble in 17th century. Tulip bubble was formedRead More...
By : kabbas123 | Dec 21, 2017


In Value Proposition workshop, right from the start Khalid impressed me by taking a challenging concept and breaking it down in to manageable pieces.

His presentation and communication skills where excellent, and he was able to visualize the concept of value proposition in relevant case studies. Khalid not only succeeded in making the workshop relevant to my business, but also how value proposition can have an effect in everyday life.

Henrik Gullaksen Berg, BergenCycleToures

Khalid triggered my interest and curiosity for the first time at a Venture start-up workshop he was hosting. Where he inspired idle potentials to bring their ideas to life and coach entrepreneurs to re-evaluate their projects with a critical approach.

Must I admit, his brashness approach to orchestrating his class keeps an audience on their toes… I certainly feel that way. Every time he has the know how to create an environment where his guests delve into thought provoking discussions relative to topic.

Dave Jacob Prince, Bergen Cycle Tours

I owe Khalid a lot. He motivated me to work, told me in very practical way how to make it progress and gave me faith that by hard work I can make all my dreams come true. I think He is great person as friend, as motivator and delightful teacher. Personally is great example by own develops, as also worthy of admiration for his success. Anyone would not to hesitate to contact and work with such open heart man.

Angelika, Poland

'Ridiculously inspiring' is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Khalid. As a life mentor and coach, he provides never-ending support to his friends and clients. His pieces of advice are always smart, suitable and tested in practice. Due to his coaching sessions, I significantly improved my CV and finally got the desired position in Luxembourg.

Ekaterina Durova, Russia